The landscape of our
community is changing...


Older, smaller and more affordable housing is being torn down and replaced with newer, larger and more expensive homes. 

TEAR IT UP-STL is collaboration between professionals in the community who are passionate about providing alternative solutions to the home buying process — solutions focused on maintaining the integrity of our unique neighborhoods.


We are committed to enriching
and strengthening our neighborhoods


Young families and empty nesters alike are seeking out neighborhoods of authenticity. Neighborhoods filled with eclectic housing, assorted ages and diverse incomes living side-by-side. It's what builds community and drives the TEAR IT UP-STL team.


Don't tear it down,

Our team of experts — a realtor, a loan officer, and a remodeler — have come together to show homeowners an alternative to the home buying process. 

The TEAR IT UP-STL team will guide you through the daunting process of buying a home in a neighborhood you love, processing the perfect financial option to fit your needs and creating a home unique to you and your community. Whether you want to tear up one room, three rooms, or the whole house — we've got you covered.



Watch the story unfold as we 'tear up' our
first property for the Watkins family: